The installer encountered error 112

cannot install Brave

download from site, run installer from folder, error message in subject line appears


happens every time

running Win 7 with Kaspersky

How much available space do you have on your hard-drive? Some reports suggest that Error 112 is encountered when you have insufficient disk space. Though that isn’t always the case.

I have over 5G of available space. That seems like enough?

Hi, because Brave is based on Chromium: Have you tried the solutions on Google, e.g. if you enter “Chrome error 112”?

Searching for solutions to Chrome error 12 said to empty the contents of the Windows temp file folder. I did that, tried the install again and got the same error message.

Did you look for 12 or 112?

If you’ve tried other solutions from Google without success, maybe only someone from the Brave Team can help you

typo, searched for error 112

Try clearing your system cache. You can do this by going to start menu and type Disk Cleanup and then select Temporary files and clean it. Also try to check for BraveSoftware folders in %userprofile%/Appdata/Local/ and delete that if you find it and in C:\Program Files (x86)\BraveSoftware . Try deleting from these two places and reboot your machine after you have cleared the data and try installing again. Make sure you have the correct setup downloaded from

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