Error 0xc0000022 on all action


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Error 0xc0000022 at launch, uninstall or reinstall
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Today my Brave browser crash. From this moment I’m not able to do anything on the brave browser (uninstall, launch, delete) from official Brave tool.
Also I’m on a professionnal computer and my access are limited

Hey, I’ve got the exact same problem, and I still can’t do anything.
Can’t install, can’t uninstall, can’t launch.
I ended up deleting absolutely everything related to brave (AppData/Local/Bravexxx, Program Filex (x86)/Bravexxx), but I still have the same error.
I saw somewhere online that the error code might be due to Microsoft Visual C++, so i uninstalled/re-installed it as well, but no luck.
At some point, with an old Brave Standalone installer for 32 bit (I’m on 64 bits) I managed to reach the installing phase, but then an error message told me that I already had a more recent version of Brave installed (which I dont anymore, but seeing as I brute-deleted everything instead of doing it properly, because I kept getting the error cpde, that might be my fault).

Anyway, if someone finds a solution, that’d be great.
Thanks everyone !

Apparently we are the only ones with this problem, so I have to switch back to chrome for now.
Note that this only happened on my work computer, not on my other devices using Brave.

Same for me, only in my work computer. Maybe our society block brave ?

I’ll check with some colleagues, and if they have the same problem while installing Brave, it could be our respective companies blocking it (though I wouldn’t even know how that’s possible).

EDIT : Yeah, apparently others from my company can’t install Brave, let alone use it.
So there seems to be some kind of protection, be it via antivirus, or a company-proxy, preventing brave from executing the installer or the browser in itself.
Too bad, because now I have lost some credentials that I usually use for work, some bookmarks etc.
Can’t export them since I can’t launch Brave.

Is your company using McAfee as an antivirus by any chance ?

Your System Administrators will have set the system to not allow users to install their own software, it will be a permissions issue. Brave Browser would be a nightmare for a systems administrator to deal with due to the amount of updates released for it.

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