Can`t install via installation file, showing installation error 112

I`m currently using 32 bit system Windows 10 and by now via link (google chrome issue) or downloaded file (installation error 112).
Would be great If you help me with this problem.

Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the error as it’s displayed on your end?

In English it literally means “Error at the stage of unpacking the archive. Download Brave one more time, please.” But it doesn`t help either.

Sometimes it also displays error 112.

There may be artifacts floating around from first attempt. Is this your first time ever installing Brave?

No, I`ve been using Brave for six months and just trying to update it manually.

If Brave is already on your system you shouldn’t have to download/run the installer again. Updater should pick up any new files and fetch them automatically.
Launch Brave, go to Menu --> About Brave – this should initiate the updater to check for new versions. Download should start immediately.

Thanks, It shows that Brave is currently up to date.
Problem resolved :slight_smile:

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