Can't Istall Brave

Hi, when I try to Install Brave on my computer, the installer gives me an error that says something like this,’‘The Installer cannot descompress the file. Download Brave again’’. I tried to uninstall it from Win + R ‘regedit’ and downloading it again but it still not working, please help me with this.


Thank you for reaching out to us. Can you try downloading the standalone installer from our Github directly and see whether or not you get the same message when trying to install Brave this way?

Hi sir, thank you for helping but, when I try to install it from standalone installer from Github, it gives me a message that says ‘‘The Installer detected error 112’’, and nothing more.

Things u should try, be sure the installation is for the correct operating system too, 32 bit and 64 bit of course.


step 1.) run SFC scan, dism scans, disk cleanup (bleach bit), defrag if on HDD, uninstall chrome.

step 2.) RESTART PC

step 3.) try to re install brave

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Hi, I dont even have chrome

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Well, I would go through the checklist anyways, not like ur pc would be harmed in the process of being nurtured. If you don’t mind me asking, what registry files were you tampering with?

What @Casper asked is relevant – are you sure you got the correct standalone installer for your OS (32bit vs 64bit) from our Github?

I installed the one that its only called ‘‘BraveBrowserSetup.exe’’

Idk if that’s his solution but have you guys tried adding a conditional statement, such as something like this. Please don’t make fun of me, I really am a amateur when it comes to coding and I only really know python, but I was thinking something like this

c = platform.architecture()
BITS = int(BITS.strip(‘bit’))

if BITS == 64:
# perform your logic here

if BITS == 32:
# perform your logic here

Kind of like an automation technique to figure out what installer you need.

Then what I have to do? Idk nothing like python or code language, or what I have to do with that

Hi, finally installed Brave correctly and now enjoying it! Thank so much for helping, its aprecciated.

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I was referencing an idea that could be implemented. the idea would eliminate the need in actually needing to know whether or not the OS is 64 bit or 32 bit because you can determine a visitors operating system/bit version and then direct them to the proper install repo, nothing pertaining to you really.

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