Installation Failed. Please try again -- ISSUE! Please help!


I once had the Brave browser but uninstalled it. I restarted my computer. Now, I decided I want it and downloaded the installation file again.

I downloaded the .exe installation file. I run it. The install gets almost all the way to the end and it throws an Installation error issue (please screenshot uploaded).

I expected to be able to install the Brave browser and use it but cannot because the installation fails.




Thanks for reaching out!
Sorry for the inconvenience. This error often presents when there are other chrome/chromium windows open while installing, iirc. Can you ensure that you don’t have any other [chromium based] browser windows open during the installation?

If this still fails, please let me know and we can try additional installation options.



Thanks for responding!
No other chrome/chromium based browser windows were open during the installation. It still failed. I’m getting a Bitdefender alert for this error. Please see attached.

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Yep, that would do it!
We’ve had issues with AV software before - they usually detect our tor files and flag them as malicious. Although manifests ransomware behavior is a new one. Makes me wonder if something different is triggering it. A few questions while I dig around about this:
I see you’re using Windows, is it Win 7 or 10 (looks like 10? hard to tell)?
Did you download the installer from our official download page or from some other source?

Let me know the above and I’ll see if any team members have seen this before. Additionally, I’ll be contacting BitDefender support to see if we can get this resolved so other users don’t run into this as well.



Windows 10.
Yes, I did.



Okay great, thanks! I’ve reached out to the team for input but if you got this from our website then then I would suggest whitelisting the installer in BitDefender (let me know if you need assistance with this) and running it again.

Let me know if you’re able to go through with installation after.



Yes, I’ve tried and it still doesn’t work unless i’m doing it incorrectly. Can you please guide me?



Allow me just a moment, I’m actually talking to BD support right now :slight_smile:

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Okay back. I’ve submitted the Windows installer(s) to bitdefender for review and general whitelisting on their end.

For now try the following:

  1. In Bit Defender, navigate to Protection --> Ransomware Remediations --> Exceptions
  2. Select the file that was blocked by BD and add to Exceptions list
  3. Run Brave installer again and it should complete.

Please let me know if this does not resolve the issue.
Additional resources:



Yeah, I already tried that. I added brave.exe to the exceptions of Ransomware Remdiations.



Ok I disabled Ransomware Remediations and it worked. I’ll enable it again. Hope it doesn’tcause moreproblems.


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Phew, that’s great!
Should be fine after Brave has installed. If not please open a new topic or DM me personally and I’ll be happy to help.


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