The first search on brave after opening it is always very slow

When I open brave the first search is always much slower than the others, for example if I search as the first search it comes to load for more than 30 seconds, instead if I do it after already searching for something it opens right away.

This problem has been occurring for the past few weeks but previously the browser worked without any slow down and it only affects brave because other browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox are not affected.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the browser but nothing changed, I don’t think it is my browser extensions that are slowing it down or even my internet connection.

The version I am using of brave is 1.43.89

I hope my information helps to solve the problem.

Odd, it might be some sort of bug.
Did it start after you updated from 1.43.87 to 1.43.88?

Opt-in analytics might be problem, as I see it.
Turn them off.

How do I disable it?

Turm WDP and index other search engine OFF (from orange to grey)

Turn P3A, ping, diagnostic report as OFF

Extensions might be also interfering, disable them and see if it works.

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