The first search on brave Is too slow

When I open brave the first search is always much slower than the others, for example if I search as the first search it comes to load for more than 30 seconds, instead if I do it after already searching for something it opens right away.

Even I tried this:- brave://settings/search
Turm WDP and index other search engine OFF (from orange to grey)

Turn P3A, ping, diagnostic report as OFF


It’s sad that this never received a response, but I guess it’s best to use a different search anyway.

I wanted to enable the new cookie setting to forget first party cookies, and couldn’t find anything about it using Brave’s own search engine. The same search on the Duck took me right there.

Hopefully it will mature, but I find it unusable between the lag, and more importantly, the results.

I’m a bit confused about what’s being mentioned here. @akovia are you seeing the same exact issue as OP?

Hi @Mattches,
Seems I may have put my foot in it a little. I was searching for issues that were close to mine, and failed to say this isn’t an exact match. To make sure I was being accurate, I went back and did some testing.

I get around a 10-15 second lag on my initial search, but only when in a tor window. Subsequent searches are around 2 seconds. I changed my default engine to DDG quite a while ago now, but it’s curiously not possible to change the default in a tor window, so I still end up searching with Brave by mistake often instead of going to DDG first.

I admit I hadn’t done any testing in normal or private windows in quite some time, but I do recall experiencing a lag on the initial search there as well.This no longer seems to be the case, so I apologize.

There is nothing I’d like more than for Brave search to work better as I use Brave everywhere. I’ve even replaced the browser on all 16 machines at work, and convinced more than a handful of employees to make the switch. I just want to make it clear I am not a hater. But I do find the search to be lacking when trying to be productive.

I’m really sorry for any confusion, but if you could tell me how to circumvent the default search in a tor window, it would help prevent me from searching in the address bar from muscle memory.


No worries — we appreciate constructive feedback whether good or bad. Brave Search certainly needs some work, but remember that it has only been out for a couple years — give it some time to grow :slight_smile:

As for your issue, if you’re looking to use Tor windows but use a specific search engine other than Brave Search (Google, DDG, etc) — your keyword shortcuts will work in Tor windows.

For example, open Tor window, type :g into the address bar, then hit space and now you’re searching using Google. You can use :d for DDG (unless you’ve changed these settings).

Hope this helps.