Super slow Brave when opened first time after Windows start

As of lately my Brave experience is borderline frustrating. I usually leave some tabs opened after my last session. That never has been any problem until recent times. Now, when I opened my browser as the first thing after Windows loads up, the loading time of those tabs left from last session is abysmal. Sometimes it can take up for a minute to load, no matter how many tabs are opened. Sometimes there are two sometimes more, but it makes almost no difference.

I have tried to replicate the problem with other browser such as Edge. No problems there, blazing fast initial loading times.

I have tried to erase all the browser data, which seemed to help temporarily. But within a week, the problem was back in full swing.

Also tried to backup the Data folder located in USERS (which has nearly 5 GB of data stored) then reinstalled Brave from scratch and moved the data back. Again, for about a week or two I’ve experienced immediate loading times. But then boom - the same problem again.

Thus I really have no idea what exactly triggers this and why. I am also using Advanced System Care Pro, but it has not helped in any way to remedy the problem. A friend recommends me to reinstall the whole Windows.

Before I’ll do such a radical desperate measure, I would like to know first if this is a problem anyone can effectively help me and explain what exactly might be causing this repeated problem.

Otherwise, my Brave experience has been great and I would not like to be forced to start using another browser again.


Hmm, I find it rather curious that no one has yet replied to this thread either as experiencing similar problem or that they have a solution to it. It seems like something that as some point should is to be experienced by others too.

@Sixtheninth ,

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