[issue] slow initial search on brave start

Description of the issue:
When brave starts up new the ui is quick but when you do your first web search it takes much longer like 20 sec instead of 1 or 2 for the result to load.

Steps to Reproduce:
It happens on every restart so i cant give steps to reproduce.

Expected result:
Normal load time for search requests (only depending on the internet connection speed) for me 1-2 secconds.

Brave Version: Windows 10 Version 1.64.116 Chromium: 123.0.6312.105

Additional Information:
Multiple users have already made a post that shows the same behaviour. Sadly none of them gave a solution.

Looking forward to your constructive Feedback :slight_smile:

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okay i updated my post

What search engine are you using when you see this behavior? Additionally, does this only occur when you perform the search in the address bar or does it happen if you visit the website and search from there?

It happen no matter what. When choosing to load a website at the start of brave. It also happens when i do a normal search with brave search and it also happens when i paste an address and try to load that webpage.

I’d like you to try creating a new temp. profile to test and see if you get the same results when using that profile. Make sure you close your original profile window when performing this test.

Let me know if the browser is just as slow when using a new profile.

i did some more testing and noticed that it only happens in my home network and also with other browsers on windows. I disabled the settings for automtically finding the proxy and that fixed the slow initial request.

So it was not a brave problem but rather a windows one.

Thank you anyways :slight_smile:

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You’re very welcome, glad you were able to solve the issue!