The Brave colours in address bar and settings

Can you please change the colour in the address bar. It’s a pink colour which doesnt look good. Also the purple and pink panel in the settings menu looks terrible. Can you please change the colours or give us an option to change to a different colour. The browser looks good with the background image but it’s let down by the terrible choice of colour in the address bar and settings.

you can theme the browser. I dont use chrome store themes goto Deviantart and find chrome browser themes there and learn to install them if i could screenshot my brave theme its very impressive

I like having the background images which change on each new tab. I just want to change the colour in the address bar and the banner colour in settings. Other than that i think the browser looks good.

Can you show me on screenshot

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Cheers. I did have a look at the website you mentioned but i havent tried installing one yet. I just wish Brave would get rid of the pink colours. It is my default browser now and thats the only problem ive got with it

I just get used to that gum colour, but i’d give it a try to some devianart custom theme…

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