Address bar auto adapts to Themes and KILLS MY EYES!

Changing the Theme on Brave is a recipe for inducing heavy eye strain - Implement any Theme and the address bar automatically changes colour scheme and you lose either way… Either the address bar text on the normal mode ends up with very light greys on white, or the Private mode has very dark greys on dark purple. Both are almost impossible to read, hurts my eyes, and it makes me want to go back to Google Chrome where this issue does not exist. It is impossible to win, and no one thought it was a good idea to disable this?! How dare I not use Brave’s Light or Dark theme and use something from Google!

I am currently using “Black Carbon and Silver Metal” Theme, which works for Normal Mode as it’s moderate grey text on white (readable), but on Private Mode the address bar is very dark grey text on dark purple (unreadable!). The opposite happens with “When The Night Falls Orange Neon” - Very light grey text on white on Normal Mode (unreadable!), but on Private Mode it’s moderate grey on dark purple (readable). You have got to be kidding me!

Expected result: Removal of or at least give the option to disable the auto colour change in the address bar linking to Themes. Honestly, there is no possible to way to justify why the colour scheme changes in the address bar when the Theme changes. Is it immersive when you can’t even read the address bar? Of course not!

**Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.5.123

Additional Information: The default Light and Dark themes don’t induce problems, but Themes induces an additional problem - the audio button has distractingly high contrast against the tab on some themes, including the Black Carbon theme. It would also help if the colour scheme inversion in Private Mode was removed as well - That would literally remove 50% of the problem.

Thanks for reaching out. I apologize for the inconvenience and know that our design team is always aiming to make the browser more accessible and user friendly – feedback like yours help us do that.

As for your color issue – on my end, here’s what I see when I enable the Black Carbon and Silver Metal theme, downloaded from the Chrome webstore:

Text seems legible, as you stated. In a Private window, I see this:

Are you saying that you’re having trouble with the color scheme in the address bar (#1), or in the toolbar itself (#2)?

Hello. The text is not legible in depending on which part of the address is present. As the text is not one consistent colour, it’s a gamble as to which part of the text is legible and illegible.

Normal Mode with “When The Night Falls Orange Neon”

Nomral mode

Private Mode with “Black Carbon and Silver Metal”

This default theme that Brave has needs to go. Just use the one provided by Google by default, it’s more compatible with 3rd party themes.

The default one forces certain colors on things like back/forward, reload and hamburger menu buttons so unless I’m using the default theme or be lucky enough to stumble upon a suitable 3rd party theme, I’m going to have trouble with either Normal mode or Incognito mode.

Also the default theme for Incognito is horrendous. The active tab is dark purple, and the background for all inactive tabs is slightly more darker purple and it makes it really hard to see.

I don’t see why you’re forcing your theme in such an obnoxious way. Same goes for the new tab page, I reported that it was no possible to get a white background image and that was MONTHS ago, someone affiliated with Brave responded to me that it was work in progress and was bound to release for the next version, but it did not release at all!

I thought Brave was the browser that gave you the freedom that the default Chrome or other Chromium forks did not give you, but I see so many things being forced upon the user, like for example no way to turn off the Brave Ad-Blocker globally - I have to turn it off per website and that’s really annoying - having a website load and not work properly, like elements missing or videos not playing and I have to waste additional time to turn off Brave Ad-Blocker or my own Ad-Blocker to try and find which one is causing the issue…

Those issues super annoying and obnoxious.

Thanks for your feedback.

You can keep up to date with any/all NTP changes and features on our Github page – note that features and issues may be delayed for a litany of reasons (although we prefer not to), as is the nature of software development:

We do have a support website that has information that will help you understand how to use things like Shields. If you open the browser and go to Settings --> Shields you will find options to set the default behavior of Shields such that, when you land on a site, it will start with those defaults that you set.

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