Brave continues to crash when deleting bookmarks with VoiceOver

I’ve been using your application on all my devices successfully for the passed few months.
A few weeks ago, I attempted to delete a bookmark using the iOS app & it immediately crashed. So, I wrote in & reported it.
I was then asked for a screenshot, which I provided.
A beta which was released a few days ago, claims to have fixed this issue. However, unfortunately, this is not the case.
I depend on your browser to do my job & would greatly appreciate it, if the crashing issue could be fixed once & for all.
Thank you so much for making your app accessible to those of us who are visually impaired.

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Hello there @JDail please accept my apologies for this inconvenience. Could you please provide me with your Brave and iOS version, and mobile device details in order to investigate further?

Be waiting for your response.

Hi. Can you confirm which Brave app version are you on?
It works for us on build 1.48 (

If I use the version you mentioned, which I’m currently testing, the app does not crash. However, if I use the version available in the App Store, which is 1.47, it will.
Do you have any idea when this new version which is currently in beta will be released?

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@JDail could you please double-check on the App store to see if there’s an available update for Brave?

I just checked & the current version there is still 1.47, which was released 2 weeks ago now.

Jessica Dail

This is fixed in 1.48 App Store build. Please update and give it a try

Yes, I’ve updated the app & can confirm that this issue is now fixed.
The next issue I would like you to look into, is the fact that the “share” menu, is inaccessible to screen-readers on Windows.
I’ve tried it with jaws, NVDA & narrator.
I made a separate post about it, but have yet to receive a reply.

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Hey, I work on iOS app only but passed this feedback to the desktop team

Hello again,
I stated this in my bug report, but this particular issue only affects the windows and Linux version of the application

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