The bold orange border around the address bar

I use night mode and I find the new orange border around the address bar distracting. I think it’s unnecessary anyway; when I am in the address bar, text is all in blue at first, I know where my cursor is.

The orange border is also used on some dialog boxes. I hope to see these things reverted or at least give me an option to turn that off. Thank you.


I find the bright orange color is also very distracting on the application icon itself, which appears in the dock (MacOS).

if you look at all other app icons, nothing is so excessively bright – it actually hurts my eyes to see the Brave app icon in my field of vision when it comes up on the dock.

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I’m happy that you mentioned it, because just a few days ago I saw this in my browser and thought “Is that new, it looks really distracting” :smiley:
It’s probably just the color …

For me that’s mostly a theme issue, it’s horrible that chromium doesn’t offer the possibility to change the colors of the used theme! And in general, I think that Brave doesn’t fully implement chrome themes … I tried changing a little bit yesterday (manually … that was work) and there seem to be no option to change the color of search bar background for example.
I really hope theming support will get better in Chromium and Brave!

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+1 on this, All this orange is distracting, brave should adopt the OS default color, or stick with the blue from Chrome. Thank you.

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I generally like this browser very much but the orange color around the search bar is obnoxious enough that it makes me want to switch back to Chrome. At least give us the option to toggle the behavior.

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I love Brave but hate the orange address bar border as well. Please give us an option to change to blue.

Hmmm. I actually have not noticed the border around the omnibox. My main desktop machines are running Linux with Brave Dev. My one Win10 machine has Brave Release and they both have the red omnibox border (I wanted to be sure the border was not operating system specific). I am running dark themes on all operating systems.

The omnibox border, yes, is “red”, but it’s a muted red (not bright or “eye piercing”), so it’s not distracting to me.

However, I don’t sit at my desktop(s) at night with the room lights off, so maybe that’s the difference?