Custom accent color (Found on reddit)

Please add a option to change the accent color from the original orange, to something else. I found this on the subreddit, originally posted by u/NoWeakness5


I really like Brave Browser, it’s the best in my opinion.

But there’s one thing I hate about it is that orange accent color. I would love if brave added a feature to change the accent color to something else, for instance, green. My mac’s accent color is green.

This is a very menial feature, but it’d mean a lot to me if they added it.


Yes, that was the original post.

Also, it would be nice as well if there are a custom color option on the new tabs’ background.

To be honest, I’ve never thought about the possibility of adding a feature like this, I’m surely not any kind of a developer, but I’ve been into the developer option’s area enough to know that someone with the ‘required’ knowledge could probably do some editing and be able to make changes to certain item’s themselves.

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+1, ability to change accent color is a very nice addition.


And I think this features is fairly easy to add. I might only take brave a few days to add this feature. And small tweaks like this make brave the best browser


Has there been any updates regarding this issue. I really like Brave but the orange accents are driving me crazy.

I havent heard anything about it sadly

This is my only “problem” with brave, this small orange outline keeps me awake at night, please make it customizable.

Please for all that is good, make it customizable.