The autofill feature in the username field tends to capture the password

On two separate websites that I use, the username on the login page is remembered and presents a list when I click in the username field. This behavior does NOT happen in the password field, which is good. What is not good is that when I am not paying attention and neglect to tab to the password field before I type it in, it gets captured too. So the next time I go to log in, there is my password concatenated to my username.

I know how to delete the entry (Shift-Delete) but generally speaking I don’t notice until a few days later. In the interim, seems like a significant security issue.

I can’t seem to find a way to turn off autocomplete on the username field, which is my preferred answer. Actually I would like to be able to turn off autocomplete on any field, not just password and address.

This seems to me similar to topic Settings >Autofill > Password Manager > "Never Saved" sites still saving User Name - how to stop it? which was closed without further comment. It’s also similar to “Brave saved a password which I accidentally entered in the username field”, but again I am not looking to delete the entry but to prevent it happening at all.

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