Brave saved a password, which I accidentally entered in the username field. How can I delete it?

I love the Brave Browser and am just getting started to get to know all it’s features.

Everytime I log in to a certain webpage, Brave suggests me to enter a password in the username field. I once entered it incorrectly and now Brave suggests me all the time to enter it again, when I click in the username field with my field.

I allready disabled auto-fill and emptied the cache, the cookies and the browser history.

It did not help to solve the problem. What can I do else?

Simply go to Settings --> Additional --> Autofill --> Passwords and delete the entry causing the issue here.

You can also go back to the site that you’re entering the credentials into, log out, then log back in – if you enter a different user name (which should be the correct one this time) it should offer to update the data.

Thanks, Mattches, that worked well.

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