How do I delete "saved user names/passwords"?

When I “sign in” to a particular website and click on “user name” box, I get 2 saved user names that have been saved in the system somewhere. I want to delete one of these user names as I do not want it popping up for security reasons. I thought I had tried everything but cannot get rid of it. Surely this shouldn’t be this hard as I imagine this situation would arise regularly. Can someone help, please?


Then just go through those. Passwords, Payment Methods, Addresses and more.

At least that’s where bulk of your autofill comes from.

Hi Saoiray,
Thank you for your response. I have been there. There is only a list of saved “passwords” but not “usernames” and the site where this is occurring is not mentioned anywhere. I have tried other websites using Brave and the username in question does not appear. It only seems to appear in this one site.

Well, if not there, then next place I’d go to is site data.


I tried that and could not find any reference to the site in question. I ended up stopping everything I could find that relates to this issue and now the offending username has disappeared. Thanks for your assistance. Don’t know exactly what happened but all now appears as I want. I guess time will tell.

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