Thanks Brave for Choosing third class Uphold as your partner

Yesterday, I got the message from Uphold that they can’t offer me an account and they permanently ban my account. They are giving reasons like ‘multiple parties has access my account’ or I am doing some deceit things. And the reason is I only have uphold account just because of Brave rewards. I seriously think Brave need some good partners not like uphold which have third class AI which detects false things. I know Brave is not going to do anything but I think Brave has some responsibility too. Attaching some screenshots


Just so you know, it wouldn’t have been an AI that made that determination. They would have reviewed a lot of data to come to the conclusion they did. Keep in mind they track your IP and device details whenever you log in. They also legally keep a very close eye out on where money/crypto comes from and where it’s going.

While you may very much be telling the truth, I’m hesitant to bite. Unfortunately, there’s been a lot of people sharing accounts, joining tip pool groups, using bots, etc. The amount of fraud is ridiculous. And, as you can imagine, each time someone is caught they tend to do the same thing…yell, scream, and argue that they are innocent and didn’t do anything. Figuratively speaking, you could show them a video recording of them doing what’s wrong and they’d still say you’re lying. I mean, these are people who are doing things they shouldn’t be doing. Are we to think they are going to suddenly be honest about anything?

And as to you asking for transactions or anything else, that’s not necessary. It’s part of their Terms. Also, do you think it would make sense for them to teach scammers how they got caught, so they can try to better avoid detection in the future? That would be dumb!

If not for all the fraud I’ve personally witnessed, I might have been on your side. However, we’ve had too many reports and evidence shown of people abusing not only Rewards, but also Uphold/Gemini.

Just a friendly reminder I’m just another User. My opinions are my own and nothing to do with Brave. The Community Ninja title is just something I have received due to me being active on the forum.

Hey @Saoiray, I read your reply. Few I would like to highlight why I wrote these.
First of AI thing. You know about 5-6 months before when I first created an uphold account and completed my verifications things. They banned my account within a day without any reason. I emailed them then they unban it.
Second about transactions. They gave reasons that a lot of deceit transactions with your account. As I have no access my account, I am curious to know about that transactions they are talking about. Because I am confident there is nothing like that. There will be single type of transactions that is associated with Brave rewards and one of exchange that I used to transfer my BAT.

Btw thanks for the reply, I just made this post because I am sad because of this. I am using uphold for more than 6 months and here in community I am active since last year. I have seen many posts regarding account ban without any reason. So I think I should create awareness among people regarding uphold before they submit their personal information to uphold during kyc. So,I tagged feedback tag too.

These things damage reputation of Brave.


I have a theory on what would have happened.

Brave rewards withdrawl to uphold wallets have been put on hold for India region since months (since may or june i guess). You are saying you got mail from Uphold 3-4 days ago. So how have you been getting BAT into your wallet all this time ?

Looks like you tried some tricks from youtube, most probably the trick of tipping yourself by using a creator account. And in both creator and normal account, you may have used the same uphold account. That’s why system flagged your account[hence in your screenshot uphold support used the word ‘deceit’ and ‘suspecious’ and used by multiple parties.

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