Report fraud uphold and brave rewards from Vietnamese users (2nd post)

This is 2nd post, my 1st post got too many report from Vietnamese user. Please check this fraud and fix this @chriscat @Mattches .
There is a bug from uphold, it allows fraudsters to transfer money without taking selfie of the account holder. (Use the repeat feature, set a money transfer schedule, when the time comes, the money will be transferred without taking a selfie). They are buying a lot of colombia upholds, please check bugs, report to uphold, pause with colombia uphold, and consider reopening other countries, let real users use brave rewards

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Thanks for reporting. @steeven @Mattches @SaltyBanana @chriscat
Please look into this.

Thank you for the report, @AamirKhan.

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Hello sir. I don’t think its a bug it’s a smart feature of uphold. That helps people with their own jobs save time and have a specific timeline for transferring money. I see that he is jealous and is a spam account. i have worked with BRAVE for many years and experienced the properties of uphold and feel some dissatisfaction is the ban of many countries from uphold and i have partners from countries that uphold has banned, that made it impossible for them to transfer money and trade with me, so there were many problems. I hope to reopen soon and remove selfie altogether because not everyone has time to take selfie in case of emergency because veriff is very slow in verification. I think if verifying at uphold at registration is more than enough, there is no need to take any more selfies. Please listen to my experience because I have been using brave for a long time since BRAVE was born. and he’s just a spammer and just created an account 2 days ago it’s not fair to listen to him

Thank you, hope u guys can fix this fraud soon

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