Problems with Uphold, now resolved (update)

I’ve just been rejected by their verification process. Absolutely no explanation given even though my documents were all in order. After I contacted them about this they just responded by permanently closing my account. I’m verified on numerous sites already, my financial and legal records are impeccable and I’m making my living primarily through internet economy.

As a matter of fact, this is the wording I received from them: “In a routine review of your account, we discovered information that raised concern for the safety and security of our members at large.”
Like what the hell, I’m a terrorist now!?!? What the hell is the matter with these guys?! Never EVER have I had any kind of response like this from any of the financial institutions of much much higher visibility and standing than some “Uphold” of which I’ve first heard through you. NEVER.

To be rejected like this is highly… dare I say insulting? Yes, insulting. Not even an actual explanation given. Just f*** you buddy. I don’t recall being treated in such a manner by ANY of the financial institutions either online or offline. Frankly, I’m shocked this could even happen in serious business space involving actual moneys.

Get rid of them, get rid of them now because they are destroying your company. I’m this close to saying goodbye to Brave as a whole because of this intolerably unprofessional and frankly rude treatment I’ve received as their AND YOUR potential client and partner. And I’m not the only one - 90% of all online negativity about Brave is due to Uphold. How can you tolerate it?

In light of this, I have to stop recommending your browser and particularly your Creators rewards program (which is stellar in any other respect, and that’s what makes this whole situation so sad) to my friends as well as promote it at large. I cannot continue doing so in good conscience knowing that someone else may have the same experience I did. Get rid of them or make them start doing their job correctly. Either way, what we have now is intolerable. This is no way to run a serious business.

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I’ve just received an email from Uphold where they informed me that my account is now reinstated and verified and that they apologize for any inconvenience. So credit where credit is due, this is a definite improvement.

However, I’ve never received any explanation for the initial (quite harsh and cryptic) rejection and the initial verification process still leaves a lot to be desired. There is a possibility that I was rejected because their verification front end breaks down completely when viewed through shielded Brave browser, and that can be interpreted by an automatic vetting bot as an attempt at malfeasance… but this would then be truly crazy considering that most of their new business must be coming via Brave. A simple notification saying “please turn off your Brave shield now” at the beginning of the process would come a very long way in improving new customer experience (and making verification team’s job much easier).

So anyway, the issue is now resolved. I hope Uphold keeps on improving but I also suggest to the Brave team to allow alternatives.