Let's take a moment to thank hard working Brave staff for a change

I am grateful for Brave, whether the ads and BAT are working or not. Last month, even I got caught up in the hype about those issues. The truth is that I don’t really care about those things. They’re a novelty. What I appreciate most about Brave is their commitment to respecting and protecting the privacy of their users. This is an issue that is becoming increasingly rare and increasingly important.

We demand a lot from the hard working employees at Brave. I’d like to encourage other people to put things in perspective, take some deep breaths, and thank those employees. They want us to be happy. I trust that they are doing their best to make everything work well.

Thank you Brave. Thank you for caring about privacy in a world going mad. You are awesome! :blush:


Thank you, Brave! :slight_smile:

It is nice to see some congrats these days. I understand the BAT value goes down causing lower earnings, and peoples BAT disappearing. But it gets old seeing all that all the time. I would still keep using Brave even if ads went away. Cause I like the way it works. Plain and simp.

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We really do appreciate this :slight_smile:


Yes, I concur. Is a time to appreciate the hardworking staff and people behind the creation of BRAVE browser and tokens :slight_smile:


Like EVERYTHING in this world, perfection does not exist. Tech is no different, but Brave made a great product and added something cool with the rewards program. It’s not perfect, but they are doing what they can to make things better, so be patient everyone.
Thank you people of Brave for the only browser I’ve used for the past 2 years. Keep up the great work!

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Brave put it best when they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. What browser hasn’t had problems? They work to fix it, and updates are like put out every 1-3 weeks it seems. I get where creators may be missing quite a few 10s to hundreds of dollars. But those whining over a few cents - $5… I just don’t get it. Those calling Brave thieves or scammers is just ridiculous. Why would they ruin everything they have established over stealing 30 cents… And all these missing BATs will eventually be distributed into someone’s account one day and they will get like $100 of 2 years worth of missing ads and they will be loving Brave again.

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I have been using Brave for 2 months!! Great browser!!!

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