Kudos to Brave for being awesome

Following @Aje42 's post, I want to give a pat on the back to Brave’s team. I know these forums are mostly used to address issues - and my first post here was about exactly that, but this is also one of the best products I’ve used in ages.

Before Brave, I was stuck in Firefox, hating Google, but missing Chromium features. Firefox isn’t bad, but it didn’t have features I needed for work. And it definitely didn’t have my back on the ads front like Brave. Meanwhile, I was using DuckDuckGo as my search engine, but then regularly going to Google because DuckDuckGo’s search engine frankly sucks. Also, unrelated to using Google which is notorious for manipulating, DuckDuckGo lost my trust because it now manipulates search engine results regarding Russia/Ukraine (to prevent disinformation) which I see as a slippery slope.

Then I found Brave completely by accident!

Now I’m on Brave. I trust Brave, I enjoy using Brave, and I feel like Brave is more accessible. I mean, how many companies in this space will actually answer your posts on forums when you have a legitimate issue with functionality? When I got an actual employee replying to me on here I was floored by how human this product is. You can’t even get that from a post office or department store! Not to mention, the search engine is actually good.

Anyways, hats off to you, Brave. You have improved my browsing experience substantially! Stay good!


Also I don’t use Brave rewards. Couldn’t care less about getting money for ads. I want them gone! And I love that they are! :slight_smile:

I have started losing ‘hope’ in this project. If it does not get it sh*t together by the end of 2022, you will start seeing youtube videos like “Downfall of brave browser/company”…

Ummm not really the vibes I was going for here, friend…

Thank you for the kind words — we really appreciate them. Will forward this to the team as they’ve been working very hard and I’m sure can use the positivity :slight_smile:

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