Regarding the recent lowered ads payout (0.01-0.025 per ad)

[MODERATOR NOTE: This is not true. The value of house campaigns were reduced. House campaigns are campaigns run by Brave itself. The team did not say anything about advertisers reducing payouts because their ads were not profitable. Brand campaigns continue to work out to 70% of the cost per impression, and this is typically higher than 0.01 BAT per ad.]

I was on a call with devs and they concluded that the advertisers are reducing the payouts as they are not making profits from the ads (they aren’t getting signups, investments etc.). That can be a deal breaker for most of the Brave users as most people come for rewards. This can lead to people switching back to other lite/stable browsers. Though they won’t be getting ANY rewards from those, most people will stop using Brave saying they make false claims. Personally I understand how the ads work and that we get 70% and they get 30%, but most news user that come for ads won’t. People who are advised to switch from chrome don’t get any of the great features such as auto ad and trackers blocking, tor mode etc. They just come for money and they aren’t getting that lately. This will lead many users to switch back to their comfort zone i.e. Chrome, Edge etc. I personally know some people who already switched back which is kind of sad.

Edit- I know why Brave is good and mentioned that clearly. I am going to highlight it as well. This thread is to discuss how ads can lead to the downfall of brave. Please don’t reply stating why you use brave. The point I am trying to make gets completely overshadowed. The point is that most “NON-TECHY” people don’t care about blocking pop ups and all, they just switch to brave to make money.

Edit-2 I said what they told me


if you are only here for a rewards then you will not be satisfied (it’s nauseating!)
But if you are here to avoid annoying pop ups etc. then you will be oversatisfied
Brave is good browser :v:t6:


When you think the majority of brave users are there because of constant rewards they are getting and it is because of advertisers money. When that money stops the users will be reduced and those who remain are the ones which are for the product features.

Brave browser part economy is on the advertisers money and their growth is linked to the advertisers money. This is the dangerous slippery slope of brave.

Reduced money -> Reduced Users -> Reduction in growth -> Reduction in money of advertisers.
And the cycle starts again.


true, i used brave browser because of blocking ads :slight_smile:


brave browser is the best browser. I came here only for its super fast speed and its ad blocks, reduced ram usage, Im sure many of us are the same as chrome browser is ram hungry.

Brave rewards is turned off for me and i never turned it on. its very weird while you simply say people download this browser for making money of brave rewards because its not…

Brave rewards, i think its only optional feature fior users, if you think its used to make money similar to social media. youre wrong about it.

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@shdsoi Please read my statements properly. I said the same. Most people are not brainy like you they just know one reason to switch from chrome, i.e. to earn money.

Thanks for understanding. That’s exactly what I mean. Some people just keep replying without understanding the thread. I know why Brave is good and said that clearly in my description. But some “NON-TECHY” people just use Brave to earn money.

Yeah, I said the same. You wanna add something?

You used to earn BAT worth about 2 cents per ad. It recently dropped to 0.3.
I will continue to use Brave. But enabling Brave Rewards makes no sense anymore.

The question is if Brave will remain competitive without the ad earnings.

It has some disadvantages already. E.g. the home screen is designed in favor of sponsored background images which makes it inferior to other browser home screens with the user experience as their priority.

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I think you have that last line backwards. I’m a techy person who has always blocked ads. I just wanted to earn to support others I choose. It’s much better to me than giving my own money.

The problem with the ads has always been, they aren’t targeted correctly. But then I’d probably get zero ads, and that’s why I got for the last week. Yubikey was a big on ads, I ended up getting an Onlykey. Their advertising worked for their competitor, since Yubikey had a website design for idiots, while the other provided me with more info than I needed. I also will wait for a better mobile option then buying a simplistic device. Furthermore, I make obvious indications of what I want to buy, but no ads have ever even tried to sway me.

I believe the best ads come from Brave supporters, to get more subs for the social account they have. Games and VPNs have so much advertising money it’s sick. Odds are I’ll never waste time on useless never ending games. I pick my VPNs by reviewing their security and if they keep logs, no ad will sway me there either. I want very particular things in services or products, the things that are mostly not advertised,

I’m going to make one more attempt to get ads back, and I’ll ditch it if I can’t. Never got any promo BAT that I needed to give either.

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Where are you from? I never seen 0.3 per ads. Max 0.15 for me

0.3 cents = 0.017 BAT (my current average

@Chisel99 i don’t want to add anything i agree with everything you wrote,especially with the last sentence… I just said in a short way :sweat_smile:

@ayman1001 I’m not against ads but I don’t want to see them in every corner

There are only so many crypto exchanges, crypto wallets, and related ads that I can handle a day. That’s the bulk of ads I see. It’s not very diverse, or I’ve been pigeon-holed into such a crypto vertical and am getting targeted (and not that well if so, as my BAT is the only crypto currency I own).

Likely the ad supply/inventory has not kept up with Brave’s usage growth. Could be a temporary problem, or a starvation problem. Keep the faith!

This is very right, this maybe the downfall of brave, most people don’t care the ads shown on youtube etc, people switch to brave because of the earn some even though it’s not much but it is worth the waiting. maybe they could strengthen and broaden their advertisers, like by geo location.

I mean they could have run ads from advertisers from specific locations, example coke,. Pepsi, mcdonald’s etc.

I’m against ads. I’m lucky enough to be able to afford not to waste my time, attention, screen space, processing power, and internet comms on this defective business model.

I feel sorry for those people who can not afford this, and for that reason choose to earn money by using their time, attention, screen space, processing power, and internet comms for watching ads instead of doing more enjoyable, valuable, or productive things. :grimacing:

I think you guys miss the point that you can block ads and popups and protect your privacy with pretty much any browser. Sure you may need extensions, which I do use, and only extensions I use are open source. So yeah I can say I can use any browser and have it be as fast as you guys claim Brave to be, and I can also make any other browser just as secure and private as I want. Even more I can use my antivirus to protect me from phishing and malicious links on a supported browser since Brave is not supported by most Antivirus software anyways. So yeah I can browse just as fast (if not faster) on another browser like Edge or Firefox, which is what I use.

I have posted a few posts on why I stopped using the Brave browser, and it basically comes down to trust. Sure some people are swayed in for the Rewards, but the rewards have always been a mess, and people always get screwed out of their BAT, and even people who referred a lot of users got screwed of referral rewards. They’ve always done this, they always end up shooting themselves on the foot. You can see so many posts every month about disappearing BAT, people keep losing their BAT lol, and they know it, it always happens. I have never used the Rewards system because of this, and would never use it. And as far as everything else I can do on any other browser what I would get on Brave. I know many of you are fans of the browser and will defend it to the end. But as far as for me. I will stick to Microsoft Edge, I mean I already have Windows 10, which is Microsoft’s and Firefox which is open source as well and can tweak it for my security and privacy needs.

But you are right, they are losing users, and sure they keep getting users but at the same time time they probably keep losing about the same number of users as they are bringing in because of these same issues. I wish them luck though, maybe someday they will get it together.


Orignal Reddit post :-

Brave officials provided me that information when they were investigating. Guess they aren’t synchronized.