Tab and update issues win7

Brave will not update at all. Tells me constantly it can’t update so I had to disable auto update. Can’t manually download the update. Tried downloading it and the installer gives me an error so I can’t reinstall. Also like 75% of the time all the tabs I had open vanish and it just opens to a new tab whether I have restarted laptop or just the browser. The tabs also don’t refresh on their own if left open and I have to do that manually.


Can you tell me where you manually downloaded/installed the update?

I tried updating from the about brave page. Now it says I just have to relaunch but it does this as well. I click relaunch and nothing happens, just says it again. I tried downloading from the official site and the launcher just gives me an error which might be because brave is already installed but I didn’t want to take the chance of uninstalling and not being able to get the browser back.

Can you try running the standalone installer from our Github and see if this will fetch and apply the update files?

Nothing. Still wants me to relaunch. Same version.

Would you be willing to try downloading our Beta build to see if that shows the same behavior? Note that downloading/installing the Beta will not overwrite or interfere with any of your current Brave install data.

I can’t find the download and chrome is actually doing the exact same thing with telling me that it cannot update so i honestly don’t know what the hell is happening with these browsers. I am just stuck with outdated browsers.

@psyfox42 if Chrome and Brave will show the same issue and you’re still the only one reporting this, the culprit must be on your device.

Check your system and also your routers settings are worth a look.

Crossing my fingers.

I don’t know what I’m supposed to check. Everything updated fine until some point but literally nothing on my laptop has changed. Haven’t downloaded anything or changed any settings. Maybe win7 is just not supported? It doesn’t make sense that it refuses to update and downloading the installer will start to install and then it resets and starts over. I can’t even reinstall the browser.

I’m off Windows four years now but try starting the device in save mode with networking and check if you could install Brave from the stand alone installer.

If you’re using a security software, firewall or similar, those can also led to issues and they update on a regular basis in background tasks.

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