Can we "fix" auto update?

I’ve noticed that on Desktop, auto updates don’t actually automatically update without User input. For example, today an update rolled out. If I just went about my normal business, it wouldn’t have done anything. It didn’t install/update until I open About in Brave to see the version number, at which point it downloaded and told me to relaunch the browser to apply the update.

In comparison, I haven’t used Chrome in a long time. When I opened it up today, it automatically had a pop-up letting me know it had been updated and advised me of “what’s new.”

This is something that has been nagging at me for a while and I don’t quite comprehend why Brave works in that capacity. Can we even still call it auto update since it doesn’t do it automatically? lol.

Other suggestions

That aside, it would be nice to also have a toggle somewhere to enable/disable auto updates. Plus, perhaps have release logs mentioned within the browser in regards to what was changed? Even if it’s just a quick prompt like had seen at Chrome.

@Mattches tagging you in for insight. Thanks

On my end, the updating works the same in Brave as it does in Chrome.

I just opened up Chrome and it took me to the NTP. I went to Menu --> About Chrome and saw that there was an update, which I initiated. It updated and then asked me to relaunch for the update to be applied. Further, I did not get any “whats new” pop-up of any kind after the relaunch.

Next time this happens if you can grab a screenshot of the “whats new” page and/or record the process if you’re feeling extra, that would be helpful.

I do know that we are already considering adding a “whats new” type of page in future releases but I don’t think anything is really in the works just yet.

Interesting, whereas Chrome did it without me opening anything. Just updated and advised about update when I launched the browser. I wonder what the difference is on that. So difference we’re speaking of is regarding the idea of whether a User should have to navigate to About in order for the update to happen or if it should be “automatic” without having to go to that setting/page first.

Ok, sounds good. Might be a while, but next time I do it, will try to remember to screenshot and share.

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Btw, haven’t had update again to show, but I did find an article about it and they had a screenshot.

And after checking, you can actually pull up the page any time you wish as long as you have Chrome open. The link is chrome://whats-new/

With that, I just did a screenshot of what’s visible there.

Excellent — thank you for the information. Super weird that I’ve literally never seen this before on Chrome.