Can't Update Brave

I keep getting the the message that Brave cannot be updated…the message shows up by the the dash lines on my brave browser…why can’t I update brave??? plz advise

@starwoman can you share a screenshot of the issue, your OS, and Brave version?


I’ve got the same issue. And not only that, I find ironic that Brave automatically redirects me to the google chrome website to download Google Chrome! :smiley:


Windows 7
IT just tells " Brave couldn’t update to last version, so you’re missing out… […]"

Reinstall Brave button is available right after, but it makes you go to Google Chrome.

@starwoman If you have same issue with @Sergio1992, then it’s a known issue. See Brave says it is not up to date and redirects me to Chrome

Apologies for the inconveniences.

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It comes and goes…,. sometimes the message is there and sometimes not there… next time I see it I’ll take a screenshot of it… today it’s gone


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Can you let us know which version you’re on? No matter what, you can always download the latest versions from

And it will keep your data/history if you install it over your existing installation (no uninstall required), so you do not have to worry about that.


It worked on a friend’s PC. Same problem, right solution! Thnx!!!

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