Browser is not updating

After saying restart the browser, it does not upgrade to the current version. I think I just need to reload. I have a lot of problems installing the Brave system, updating it and not showing some applications.

Hi @Darktower - we’ve just released a new version about an hour ago. Can you try again and let me know if it updates correctly? Thanks in advance!

I also experienced this problem while passing 122 from 115 version. Although I say restart, it does not improve. I changed the name of the new_chrome file in the file location to brave. Then I deleted the old brave and 122 version file. When I signed in, it worked without any problems. But if I delete the old 122 file and enter it with the old brave, it would restart even if it appears as 123. (Google Translate)

My computer also has a Brave Nightly version. I don’t have any problems with that browser. It is automatically upgraded to the latest version.

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