Sync Chain setup Instructions/Directions to links to click on which do not exist

“When Syncing your desktop browser with mobile devices, you will be presented with a Sync Code in the form of a QR code that you can scan with your mobile device camera to begin the Sync chain. You may also enter the Sync code manually.”
Problem: I can scan and/or copy code but have nowhere to enter it on either device.

“Open Brave Browser on your mobile device and go to Settings → Sync.
Select Scan or enter your sync code.
Once you scan the Sync Code, please wait as we connect your devices via Sync Chain. Select ‘OK’ or the ‘X’ close button. You will be taken back to the main Brave Sync page with your devices in the sync chain listed.”
Problem: “Select Scan or Enter Code” does not exist. If I scan it with my camera anyway nothing happens and no devices get listed as being chained.

If selecting another desktop computer, you will be presented with a 24 word “Sync Code”. Enter this code into your second computer to add it to the Sync chain… select “I have a sync code” button…Enter the word code into your second computer to begin the Sync Chain.
Go to your other Computer and select Menu → Brave Sync.
In your second computer, this time select Enter a sync chain code.
Enter your Sync Chain code in to your second computer."
Problem: There is no “I have a sync code” button.

Brave Version on Dell XPS laptop Windows 10 Pro Build 19043.1237: Version 1.30.89 Chromium: 94.0.4606.81 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Brave Version on Android Google Pixel 5 OS Android 11; Build/RQ3A.210905.001: Brave 1.30.87, Chromium 94.0.4606.71

Either these instructions for creating a chain are inaccurate and in need of updating or I am doing something wrong which I don’t think I am. I could use some help with better instructions on how to link my computer and phones. And I see there have been similar issues with this since as far back as Feb 15 with no real resolution that I could see.



A bit of clarifying and bringing your Original Post up to date (returning it to life) . . .

Your first quote [section]:


“I can scan and/or copy code but have nowhere to enter it on either device.”

Your second quote [section]:


“‘Select Scan or Enter Code’ does not exist. If I scan it with my camera anyway nothing happens and no devices get listed as being chained.”

The following info might be of assistance, now, that the Brave Support Help Center FAQ states - for Android devices:

Sync v2 on Android respects the system-wide option “Automatically sync data”, so if you found that Brave Sync v2 does not work on your Android device, you should ensure that system option is in the position ‘ON’.

The location of that option depends on device manufacturer, but you may find it in:

System settings → Accounts → Automatically Sync Data

System settings → Accounts and backup → Accounts → Auto Sync Data

System settings → Cloud and accounts → Accounts → Auto Sync Data

In order for Sync v2 work on Android, it is required to turn that option ‘ON’.

Your third quote [section]:


“select ‘I have a sync code’ button . . . Enter the word code into your second computer to begin the Sync Chain.”

Has been changed to:

“This 24 word code is unique to your Sync Chain, please keep it private.”


“Go to your other Computer and select Menu → Brave Sync. In your second computer, this time select Enter a sync chain code. Enter your Sync Chain code in to your second computer.”

Has been changed to:

“On your target computer, navigate to Brave Sync in settings and click the button ‘I have a Sync Code’. Enter the sync chain code words shown below. Treat this code like a password. If someone gets ahold of it, they can read and modify your synced data.”


“There is no ‘I have a sync code’ button.”

Sync instructions at Brave Support:

As the original poster stated, there is nowhere to enter the code on the Brave browser on Windows as you can see in my screenshot

nor is there a place to enter it on my android device. Yes, my android settings are set to automatically sync data.


Same problem here, no location to put sync code, checked both on my desktop and Android browser

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Same as the the posters above, I do not have the option to enter sync code in any of my Brave browsers on all my devices. The only option is “manage your synced devices”
See images below:

Seems to be some confusion here that can be cleared up by my response here:

Did you not read any of the previous posts?
We DO NOT HAVE “I have a Sync code here.” on our devices. Why would you suggest that we put the sync code there?

The image shared above is not where you would see this option. It would be in the device you are wanting to add to the chain, that is not part of a Sync chain yet.

You are probably a nice person and I apologize if I sound like a jerk, but how many ways must we say that the option DOES NOT APPEAR ANYWHERE. It’s not on either device, that is the reason we have come here for help. Of course it’s supposed to be on the device we want to add. We are not retarded.

Probably about the same amount of times as he keeps repeating that you’re showing us the WRONG place. Let’s look again, shall we?

If you look above where you choose what to share, you’ll see the words View Sync Code and Add New Device.

You would click on View Sync Code and this would show the code you need to put on the other device.

What you HAVE NOT shown us is your Sync page on your other device, which I believe would be your Android.

If you see the word View Sync Code, then that means that device is in a sync chain. It’s possible that you have accidentally started Sync chains on both, in which case you can’t link them together as they are two seapate chains. This means on one you’d need to Leave Sync Chain and then you’d have the option.

I just removed my Android from its current Sync chain just to show you. Now when I go to Sync, I see the below:

So I hit Scan or enter sync code and by default it opens the one below, where you have a camera ready to scan a QR code. But on the bottom of that is a choice to say Enter code words. If you hit that, you can type in the code instead.

So you’d use camera above to scan QR or if you prefer typing, you do as you see below.

Try to expand your vocabulary a bit if you would. People who use things like “retarded” or “autistic” as an insult like that, it’s not appropriate. There are “retarded” people actually have graduated from college and are quite smart. That term is one that has existed from a place of ignorance and hatred. My uncle who passed away a couple years ago was Down Syndrome and we’d hear people make fun of him and use the term as you did. Of course, people always wanted to act like there’s plenty he couldn’t do, just because he was different. And as for me, I’m on the autism spectrum. Yet I’ve been on a board of directors for a nonprofit, have graduated from college, and done a lot in life.

So for you and anyone else reading this, please try to phrase things differently and not have to do it where you have to insult others in the process. And yes, that is insulting others by saying it. There’s much better ways to communicate that you understand something or believe there’s some sort of miscommunication occurring.

Then let me rephrase:

Such behavior is not acceptable. Should you wish to continue using Brave Community, it would be advisable you avoid some words and phrases.

Just because you grew up in a time or around people who did things they shouldn’t be doing does not authorize you to continue the negative behavior. Discrimination and hatred is never okay. While a person may not be able to control how you think or what you do in life, it is important you realize that places like this do have rules you need to follow.

@Venusc words matter. Your intelligence or that of others is not to call in question, especially in using derogatory phrases.

What we can say is that it seems you’re either here to argue, you’re incapable of following instructions, and/or your ability to clearly and respectfully communicate needs improvement. Therefore I will simplify things a bit and ask for information.

  • You have shown us only a screenshot of one device. If you’re going to say solutions don’t work, we need screenshots of your Sync page from all devices you’re having this issue on.

  • If a device says Leave Sync Chain or View Sync Code, then that means they already exist on a Sync chain. If they already exist on one, you can’t add them to any. Your Sync page should always have either those two options or it will have buttons that say something like Scan or enter sync code or I have a Sync code

  • If both of your devices are on Sync chains but not the same sync chain, then you need to Leave Sync Chain or, on Android, it’s a trash can symbol next to your device’s name that operates as Leave Sync Chain.

  • Also important is that both devices are using the latest version of Brave. What OS are you using on all devices? What version of Brave is on each device?

If each of your devices have the same information as displayed in your snip, it looks like each of your devices are on their own sync chain. I suggest you leave the sync chain on one of your devices and see if you get the “enter sync code” prompt.

As a sidenote:
I do not know why your posts were flagged. Even with the one word used, the posts appear fine to me. You may want to remove the word from the posts or substitute the word with another that is politically correct for the meaning you intended. Editing your post and removing the word should remove the flag and stop it from being flagged by community member(s) again.

Is my response appropriate? I think usage of “the word” has been addressed. I think a response from Brave support/moderators would help close the issue if it continues. Time for community members to just move on and address the Sync issue. Beating a dead horse here. Apologies to ASPCA if using “beating a dead horse” is not appropriate.

The reason that I didn’t include screenshots from both devices is because they were exactly the same.
I think it’s great that you can insult my intelligence, but I am not allowed to do the same because I use different words than you.
I have unsubscribed from receiving future notifications on this thread. I can live without my devices being synced.
Thanks to those that tried to help. Have a great day.

In the event you do see this, please try @Chocoholic’s suggestion as I believe he is correct here.

As this is a public form and everyone should remain civil, please refrain from using words like that and everyone — Ninjas included — please refrain from clapping back at our users. We’re here to solve problems, not start fights.

Thank you.

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