Synchronization doesn't work

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Description of the issue:
I try to synchronize 2 android phones, just wanna have my bookmarks from old phone
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Connect
  2. Synchronize

Expected result:
I se my bookmarks in the brave browser in the new phone
Brave Version( check About Brave):
Both phones: Brave 1.44.114, Chromium 106.0.5249.126
Mobile Device details
Motorola G6 and Motorola Edge 20 lite 5G
Additional Information:
I used qr code and looks like connected (I see both phones in sync. chain but nothing else happened - still no bookmarks on my new phone


Sync v2 on Android respects the system-wide option “Automatically sync data”, so if you found that Brave Sync v2 does not work on your Android device, you should ensure that system option is in the position on. The location of that option depends on device manufacturer, but you may find it in:

  • System settings --> Accounts --> Automatically Sync Data
  • System settings --> Accounts and backup --> Accounts --> Auto Sync Data
  • System settings --> Cloud and accounts --> Accounts --> Auto Sync Data

In order to sync v2 work on Android it is required to turn that option on.

Auto Sync Data is “on” in both phones - I just checked, not put it on now. It was like that before.
But still no bookmarks at my new device. What else can I do?

I had the same problem…
but then it started to work again on my windows

Then you need to go to brave://sync-internals and see what it is nor working, you should see bookmarks count and see if there is an error or something.

I have never synched phones only, always there is a PC in the middle, but it has worked okay always, it updates fast too and the only thing Android phones ask is to have that auto-sync data on.
And then you only select the elements you want to sync.

With Sync-internals page you can not only check problems with the synching but also use Trigger GetUpdates, to force the updates and see if it says something.

Thank You :slight_smile :slight_smile:

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