Synchronisation Manager Offline

**Description of the issue:
I just got a new iPad yesterday and I wanted to sync my existing chain with the new Brave Browser App on iPad OS, but it consistently fails to do so.

I tried multiple methods but all failed:

•reinstalling the App multiple times
•trying to sync from iPhone to iPad
•trying to sync from Windows to iPad
•trying to sync with QR-Code and Sync–Code (Seed phrase)

Sometimes I got an error saying “synchronisation manager offline” or it just loaded for a while and didn’t sync. It also happened that it just started a new sync chain on the iPad without connecting to the existing one that I just entered ( I tried to leave it to see if it maybe need some time to sync but after one day it still didn’t do anything being the only device in the sync chain)

**Steps to Reproduce:
Sync existing Chain with two Devices already added.

**Reproduces how often:
Every time I try to sync

**Brave Version: 1.32.2 ( on iPad OS 15.1

**Type of devices currently running on the Sync chain in question:
•Windows 11 Laptop
•iOS 14.1.1 on iPhone 12 (last synced about 1 month ago → also not working?)

Additional Information: