Brave ios version and Windows version do not sync


When I try to sync Brave browser on my ios device (iPhone 6, ios Version 12.4.8) with my desktop version (Windows 10 Version 2004) and create a sync chain, nothing happens. I’m running Brave Version 1.12.112. I have recently reset the settings, but unfortunately it didn’t work. I really love to migrate to your browser, but I also need my bookmarks to be synced with my phone! Is there anything I can do to fix this issue?

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Now, on your device, what does the sync device manager show?

I wonder if it’s the same as my issue, where it APPEARS to be successful when I scan the QR Code from Desktop, but in reality it appears to make a separate sync chain on the mobile device, as it is the only device in the list. Though when I view the devices on my desktop settings, I see both of my PCs, but no mobile device listed.

My assumption is that the mobile versions are not updated to v2 yet. At least not properly. So in this case they aren’t compatible.

I am on Android, BTW.

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Yeah you are right. Mine is exactly the same. It makes a separate sync chain on the mobile device and it is the only device in the list. I also think that we should wait for an update for the mobile versions.

@S.Nouraei Because it’s two different Sync version, which is completely different.

iOS is still using Sync v1 while desktop and Android is using Sync v2.

iOS support for Sync v2 is coming later.


Thank you so much for the explanation. I’m looking forward to it.

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