Synchronization fails on ios device and on mac error message sync manager offline

Dear community, does anyone have issues synching their devices? When I start the sync process on the Brave Browser i get the QR code and try to scan it an error message pops up Synchronization manager offline or not reachable please try again later. I started the sync on the desktop does not work, i started it in the app does not work either. I am really sad also all my BAT are gone it was not much but still…
Both devices have the newest version of Brave installed I tried at different times of the day no help…

Thanks for your help

Issue partially solved but BAT are gone! since it was a really small amount I dont really care!
Just deleted app from phone and reinstalled, now sync works but I have a new problem:

it says i cant earn bat reward on my device…IOS
I really want to use this app :slight_smile:

Rewards no longer available for iOS users. 🤷

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