Brave Sync Code Issue on iPad OS

I have reinstalled my operating system on my main computer and thought my brave sync would be fine because my iPad is still connected. When I went to copy the sync code from my iPad it tries to start a new sync chain even though it is connected to my old sync chain.
I know it is connected to my old sync chain because when I look at my bookmarks and synced devices they are all there. I then press Add New Device and it creates a new sync chain. Is there a way I can recover that sync code. Unfortunately this is the only device still linked to the chain so I have to use this device.

I am currently running version 1.32.3 ( of Brave on my iPad

Can’t sync between apple ios mobile devices, iPod Touch and iPad because the sync code can’t be scanned from either device. There is no ‘scan sync code’ option on either device. Incompetence at its finest.

i’m using iPadOS and i can find them very easily, have you tried re-installing?

I can find where the the sync code the issue is that it is not correct sync code. Lets say my tablet is connected to Sync_Chain_1 and it shows that it is connected to Sync_Chain_1. The issue is when I go to add a new device to the chain it gives me a code for a Sync Chain that is not Sync_Chain_1.

Also if I uninstall Brave on my iPad then I will lose the sync chain.

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