iOS version of Brave does not sync with existing chain

I have really enjoyed Brave on all my other devices: Mac OS X, Android, Windows, etc. Since the sync chain was added this really helped keep a consistent profile across all devices. However, on my iPad, despite joining the device to the chain, none of the changes on other devices syncs across. Without this basic function, the browser on iOS is constantly out of sync with everything else. How does one fix this?

My iOS is looped in just fine. I hate to ask something incredibly basic, but have you made sure they are on the same chain AND that you have made sure each device has given permissions to share data? For example, if your Desktop shows it to sync Bookmarks but your iOS has not toggled on to sync Bookmarks, then it won’t sync.

What sync options have you enabled on your iPad?

Bookmarks, history, passwords. I removed the device from the sync chain and rejoined. The browser updated recently, so I have rejoined the chain to see if that would help. I also found a different thread where this problem was discussed. Thanks for trying to help out!

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