Synching Mobile and Desktop Brave Rewards to the same Uphold Wallet

I use the Brave browser on my Phone and on my Laptop. Both have the Brave Rewards option activated. The Desktop Version of Brave Browser has a verified Uphold Wallet linked to it. My Mobile Version does not. Is there any way to make both Brave Browsers, Mobile and Desktop, correspond to the same Uphold Wallet?

I am running Windows 10 on my Laptop and Android 11 on my Phone. Brave browser should be, to my knowledge, on the newest Version. No alpha or test version.

The Desktop Brave Browser is connected to a verified Uphold Wallet the Mobile on is not and cant be, since the verify limit of 25 BAT is not reached yet.

The Uphold Wallet for the Desktop has been verified since over a Week and many transactions have been mad and went trough successfully, both ways.

I am not using a VPN and I am in a supported region, Germany.

Does your device pass the [SafteyNet] check (Android only)? Dont know what that is, but my Phone fails that due to " cannot acces google play services" which, as said by the developer’s, means that some daily quota has been reached. So a strong maybe is my anwser here.

Have you manually turned off Auto-contribute on all of your devices linked to Uphold?
Yes, i have turned that off manually and checked multiple times.

That should be all the questions answered. I hope I can get some support now from this dreaded system of support.

Yeah, best luck to you. I personally have 18 bat on my old mobile and have to send it back to the insurance company and as far as I can tell I can’t transfer them anyway over to my new device until 25 bat. Which I’m closed to but have to send the phone back tomorrow. I also have a verified uphold through the desktop but can’t verify my mobile until 25 bat so I’m screwed.


you can but unfortunately the 25 bat restriction on mobile must be met to do so. the team is looking for other options to change that but until that happens nothing more can be done.

it is said that is your phone doesn’t pass the check, then the rewards feature won’t work properly. -this is commonly reflected in the impossibility to claim rewards-

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