Can I move my entire rewards from Android to Brave desktop?

I don’t have yet a proper amount like (15+ BATs) to have my own Uphold account, but the amount I have is stored somewhere and the question is… Is it possible to move it completely from Android to the desktop version of Brave or will I lose some part after doing it??

It is not possible to move Brave rewards from Android wallet to desktop wallet. However, if you have a verified Uphold account in Desktop, you can link your Android wallet to that even if you don’t have 15 BATs (with v1.25x in Android).

If you don’t have verified Uphold account in Desktop. You can try separately going to Uphold, Sign Up & Verify your account. And then try to link both with Android & Desktop. This might work. I’m not sure though.

So, it’s not possible directly, but possible indirectly using Uphold. I’ll try this on and see what happens.
I intend to see my phone so I need a way to transfer these BATs to the desktop version and keep it there, because everything in the Android will be erased.
If it didn’t work, at least I tried.

Do post an update if this works out for you.

Ok, I’ll try to update this thread as soon as possible. Now I’m busy, but I’ll do my best.

I have verified Uphold account in desktop. How to link the Android Brave wallet with my Uphold account from the desktop?

This feature is already available in Beta & Nightly versions of Android. With update v1.25x it would be available in Stable version of Android, which would be next update


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