How connect existing Uphold Wallet of Desktop-PC-Browser to also bat-collecting Smartphonebrowser?

I use Brave Browser on my Desktop-PC.
Now, I have installed Brave Browser on my smartphone, too. And i want to collect BATs on both Browsers togehter in one (my existing Uphold Wallet from Desktop-Brave-Browser). How may I connect this new Brave Rewards Program on smartphone to my Wallet from Brave Rewards Programm on Desktop-PC?
I want to avoid to have 2 different accounts.
I want to have a connection from my smartphone-Brave Browser zu the Wallet of my Desktop-PC-Brave Browser, using one account.
Is it somehow possible with my membership of Brave Community or my Uphold Account?
Many Thanks!

Hi @Worf5, thanks for reaching out.

At the moment, it isn’t possible to sync them. BAT cannot be moved from mobile versions to the desktop version of Brave or to Uphold. There is also currently no way to back up your mobile balance – this feature will be on the way soon.

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Thank You very much - I am not as good in english: what do You mean with “mobile balance”?

@Worf5 BAT you have on your mobile wallet.

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can you help me please ?

thanks for sharing. This is very annoying.

Your BAT balance on your phone.

What is the issue you are having?

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