Brave rewards on different devices


I’m using brave browser on two different devices (phone and computer).

Today, I received a lot of bat (0.2 from telephone and 0.1 from computer), but seems that I have two different wallet and I don’t understand way. How I can put all my BAT to my uphold wallet? How I can check everything is working?

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Everything is working well. :slight_smile:

It’s expected. If you install Brave on 2 or more devices (and enable Brave Rewards on each devices) you’ll have a different wallet for each devices.

For now, you can only able to connect your desktop wallet to your Uphold account.

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ok thank you so much. If I understood well, at the moment my BAT on the phone are not possible to use?

You can use it for auto-contribute or tipping (your favorite creators). Or just let it sit there (and keep earn BAT).

You just can’t withdraw it and add fund to your Rewards wallet since wallet verification – connecting to Uphold account is not available.

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in the future, do you know if is possible to connect the mobile wallet to an uphold account?

Yes. It’s in the plan. And also wallet sync – so you can usee a single wallet across devices.

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