Send Brave Mobile App BAT to Uphold

There seems to be no way to transfer my Brave mobile rewards from my cell phone to my Uphold account. Is this functionality in development?

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I have linked my mobile Brave browser to Uphold account. But the BAT token received is not shown in the Uphold account yet. See my post here

This is what I feel happened:
Browser isn’t updated to the latest version;
Location of residence yet to be verified by Upload.

Should you meet the above challenges, then submit a ticket to Support.

Again, this is my mobile cell phone brave browser which is 1.9.79 and is current. I have no problem verifying and connecting my computer Brave browsers to my Uphold account.

Hi @cmedlin - this functionality does not yet exist, but will be available very soon for Android release version!


Great! Thanks for the info!