Sync: Nothing happens after I click 'Confirm Sync Code'

Nothing Happens after I click 'Confirm Sync Code’

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary):

  1. Open Sync on primary computer (in my case a macbook pro)
  2. Generate a sync code
  3. Input sync code on separate computer
  4. Click ‘Confirm Sync Code’

Actual Result: Nothing happens

Expected result: Browsers on both computers (macbook pro and windows 10 pc) synchronize bookmarks and other profile data

Reproduces how often: Every time I attempt to sync

Brave Version(about:brave): 0.61.51

Reproducible on current live release (yes/no): YES

Additional Information: N/A


Hi @MikeTurner

What’s the amount of time between steps 2 and 3? Wondering if your computers are in the same place (so it’s minutes) or different locations (i.e. a work and home computer, so maybe it’s hours).


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Hello Lauren. Thank you for replying to my post. Really appreciate it!

I actually have both computers with me when I’m trying to do the sync, looking at both screens in the same spot. The initiating computer just looks like it’s still waiting for the sync code to get picked up.

Just nothing happens, it seems.

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By default, Brave is set to run in the background. Not sure if this is the same case with Macs, but it is for Windows.

Once I disabled that, my devices synced more consistently. Assuming that everytime I restarted Brave, it would fetch for an updated version of the sync code? Not sure…hopefully this helps though!

I just checked, and that option is not available in the Mac version. But, my windows PC does have that option checked. Thanks!

Hi Lauren,

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been trying to sync again this morning. It’s been a few hours, and the sync just isn’t happening.

Hi @MikeTurner

Just to confirm, both devices are online (you have Brave opened on both)? I’m guessing your mac is showing a screen like this:

And your Windows machine is showing a screen like this:

Is that correct - or are you seeing something different?



@LaurenWags, that is exactly what I’m seeing, and in that order. Though, in the latter screen, for the Windows machine, when I click ‘Confirm Sync Code’, the button does NOT go into a grey processing state. I click the button, and it looks like I haven’t clicked it.


Just dropping in here to let you know I have the exact same problem. Both machines on Win 10 pro and running Brave 0.61.51. Clicking “confirm sync code” doesn’t do anything.

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@MikeTurner - Not sure if this will help, but could you try this out whenever you get a chance (no rush!):

  1. Close Brave on both machines. (open task manager/activity monitor to make sure no processes are still running for Brave)
  2. Open Brave on both machines.
  3. On the mac machine, open a new tab, navigate to brave://sync. Click on Start a new Sync Chain, then click on Computer. A popup showing code words (should be different words than you were previously trying to use) will be displayed.
  4. Still on mac, open a new tab and navigate to brave://inspect/#extensions
  5. Locate Brave Sync on this page, then click on ‘inspect’ below Brave Sync. A separate DevTools window will open. On that DevTools window, click on Console.
  6. Go to your Windows machine, open a new tab, navigate to brave://sync. Click on I have a Sync Code.
  7. Now on Windows, open a new tab and navigate to brave://inspect/#extensions.
  8. Again, Locate Brave Sync on this page, then click on ‘inspect’ below Brave Sync. A separate DevTools window will open. On that DevTools window, click on Console.
  9. Now you can enter the code words from your Mac on your Windows machine on the brave://sync page and attempt to sync.

I’m hoping that one of the DevTools consoles will show you some kind of error, warning, or something that I could share with Development. Unfortunately - I can’t guarantee this will happen but I thought it might be a good place to start looking for a problem. Also - don’t copy/paste the entire text from this window, it does show your backup words. If you’re worried about any sensitive data, you may DM me directly just to be on the safe side.

Let me know how it goes!


@peternator you’re welcome to try the steps I suggested to @MikeTurner as well, hopefully someone will get some info I could share with dev!

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Well now THAT was interesting. Okay, so I followed all of the steps. Not sure how that did it, but it did it. In fact, I’m able to successfully sync two separate profiles (one for my personal stuff, one for my non-profit org) across both computers (the mac and the pc).

Though, for one of the profiles, when I go to brave://sync, it looks like it needs to start a new sync chain, even though the bookmarks for that profile are syncing. The other profile, when I got to brave://sync, shows my computers that are syncing.

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Just chiming in to say I’m seeing the exact same problem, with the same set-up - although I’m working with a laptop and a desktop, sat next to each other on Windos 10.

@LaurenWags - when I tried your steps and put the chain into the console, I got “Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier.”

If I can get this working, we’re hoping to roll out Brave at our workplace. Thank you.

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@MikeTurner now that it’s been some time, has everything synced as expected?

@mod83 - interesting! just to clarify - you mentioned

Did you enter the words on the Console of the DevTools window or in the box on the brave://sync page? You definitely want to enter them into the box on the brave://sync page, sorry if that was confusing. I just updated the steps to try to make it a bit clearer.

Also, to confirm, you didn’t see what @MikeTurner did, that is, you saw

and no syncing occurred? If that’s the case, could you try the steps again and then send me a few lines above and a few lines below this particular error from the console? (feel free to DM them to me in case you think they might contain sensitive info like your backup words) Also - which computer did you see this with - the one where you started the sync chain or the one where you were trying to join the sync chain (where you typed the words)?

Thanks for trying this out - really appreciate your patience as we try to work through this!


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Hello @LaurenWags. The bookmarks seem to be in sync… but in one of the ‘Persons’ profiles, when I go to Brave://Sync, it still has the layout prompting me to start a sync, rather than showing me that both computers are synced.

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This is because the person menu generates different browser “profiles” when a new “user” is created. The newly created profile will have a different profile ID and therefore, a different set of bookmarks, browsing data and a different Sync code.

AFAIK, when you create a Sync chain, you create it based on the profile you’re currently “signed into”. Any additional profiles will not know about the Sync chain created initially. Let me know if this is unclear. cc @LaurenWags to confirm.


Hi @Mattches, thanks for clarifying that. I went ahead and removed the one profile that wasn’t showing as syncing, and then started over. Created a new profile on the Windows Laptop, and immediately initiated a sync with the like profile on the Macbook Pro. The Profile on the Windows Laptop picked it up and worked as expected, and now things are moving along fine.

I wonder if the take-away here is that if a new profile you’re trying to sync is behaving like it was for me initially, the solution is to simply remove the profile and start over?

Thanks all who have helped me with this. I really appreciate the sincere, hands-on support. I’m liking Brave more and more, and you all are a part of ‘why’! :100:


Excellent insight, thanks for adding that additional info @Mattches :smile:

And great to hear @MikeTurner - glad you were able to get all set up. Thanks for reporting back!



I too am glad that this was resolved! :tada::tada:
@MikeTurner, I think that’s a reasonable take away – lots of issues can be caused by “bad” or “corrupt” profile data and tbh, we are still working out how exactly we want to morph the way “profiles” are used in Brave. Hopefully once that’s ironed out, things like “profile mismatches” will no longer be an issue.

Please don’t hesitate to open a new topic should you have any other questions or concerns. And enjoy your privacy!!