Sync Not Working ( Windows 10 to Android 10 )

I am using Windows 10 on my PC and Android 10 on my Realme 5 Phone.

I just want to sync maximum possible stuff from my PC to my phone ( open tabs, entire history, sessions, passwords etc )

but ** ALMOST NOTHING** has synced from my PC to my Phone.

only some history, from 24 May 2020 to 22 August 2020 has synced to phone and even then its missing certain entries in the history !

no open tabs, no bookmarks … nothing !

I synced by starting sync chain on PC and then scanning QR code using my Phone.

Please kindly help me out.

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Hi, same here!

I did everything as indicated, both devices have the latest version of Brave and many things do not sync from Pc to phone. It just synced some bookmarks but no passwords, no history, etc…

Could you please reply @bravehelp?

I have the same issue, bookmarks are synced fine, but what I was looking for to sync (open tabs) are not. Windows 10 and Android 9, both Brave versions up-to-date.