Brave Sync v2 not working

  1. Description
    I’m trying to sync my Brave browser on MacBook with iPhone. However on my Mac I’ve got an old chain, which I would like to leave or clear all the devices.
    Every time I try to leave the sync chain on my Macbook, there is an pop-up that I have to relaunch to apply changes. I relaunch and nothing happens. The sync chain still exists.

On the other hand, when I try to scan the QR code from MacBook with my iPhone, it doesn’t sync, instead iPhone starts it’s own new sync-chain with no MacBook on the list of devices.

  1. Steps to reproduce
    -Open Settings
    -Open Sync
    -Manage your synced devices
    -Click on “Leave Sync Chain”

  2. Actual Result
    Pop-up window “If you reset Sync, you will have to re-enter a sync code from another device in order to sync with it. Are you sure you want to proceed?” with no further result

  3. Expected result
    Leaving the sync chain with an option to create a new or join another

  4. Reproduces Consistently?
    Every single time I try to leave sync chain

  5. Brave Version

did you check that both devices have the last version of brave?

I had a similar issue with my laptop and my smartphone, I noticed that my smartphone was in the version 1.18.75 and my laptop in 1.18.70, when I updated it everything started to work normally.

As far as I know, the version number of Browser (V1.18.78) and Android (V1.18.78) are completely different than iOS app (V1.22.10).

Anyway I have the latest version of Brave both on desktop and iPhone.