Brave Sync v2 not working

  1. Description
    I’m trying to sync my Brave browser on MacBook with iPhone. However on my Mac I’ve got an old chain, which I would like to leave or clear all the devices.
    Every time I try to leave the sync chain on my Macbook, there is an pop-up that I have to relaunch to apply changes. I relaunch and nothing happens. The sync chain still exists.

On the other hand, when I try to scan the QR code from MacBook with my iPhone, it doesn’t sync, instead iPhone starts it’s own new sync-chain with no MacBook on the list of devices.

  1. Steps to reproduce
    -Open Settings
    -Open Sync
    -Manage your synced devices
    -Click on “Leave Sync Chain”

  2. Actual Result
    Pop-up window “If you reset Sync, you will have to re-enter a sync code from another device in order to sync with it. Are you sure you want to proceed?” with no further result

  3. Expected result
    Leaving the sync chain with an option to create a new or join another

  4. Reproduces Consistently?
    Every single time I try to leave sync chain

  5. Brave Version

did you check that both devices have the last version of brave?

I had a similar issue with my laptop and my smartphone, I noticed that my smartphone was in the version 1.18.75 and my laptop in 1.18.70, when I updated it everything started to work normally.

As far as I know, the version number of Browser (V1.18.78) and Android (V1.18.78) are completely different than iOS app (V1.22.10).

Anyway I have the latest version of Brave both on desktop and iPhone.

Same problem here.
brave v. OS 1.20.103
brave v. iOS 1.22.2 ← not camera when attempt to add to sync chain with desktop. These are both the most current versions and Mac/iPhone and there is no way to sync across devices due to the lack of a scan UR code function in the sync feature on ios. Pls Help!

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Also I have several problems with the current synchronization method that brave offers and for this I created a post to suggest to change it perhaps through the creation of an account

Ditto. I was hoping to “leave” Safari on iOS and macOS and use Brave – These work flawlessly with iCloud. Brave, we need something that works and is seamless.


Downloaded Brave for iMac desktop and iPhone 8 on March 5th 2021. The desktop version is 1.21.73, and the mobile version is 1.23.1. I have to assume these are the latest versions for each since I’m seeing no update options.

I cannot sync my desktop to mobile, nor mobile to desktop, simply because the options to sync DO NOT EXIST. When I try to sync from the desktop to mobile, I am presented with a QR code I’m supposed to scan by tapping Sync in Brave mobile, then tap “scan sync code”. There is NO OPTION with “scan sync code”. Likewise, when I try to sync from mobile to desktop, I am presented with a sync code and the ability to copy it to the clipboard, but copy to where? Either way is a dead end.

Brave is useless to me unless I can sync between mobile and desktop since I use both equally.

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I was having an issue for a long time syncing my Macbook with iPhone; I kept getting an error message. One reason I didn’t clue in to the version is on my Mac, if there is an Brave update available, I get notified of it. However, on my iPhone, I was running v1.19 but never received any notice that there is an update. Then I read that there is an update for the iPhone to v2. So I just deleted the Brave app, and downloaded the latest version. VOILA!!! Sync now works on both devices. So why don’t you guys notify us when there is a new version for iPhone??

Syncing between iOS and macOS is a mess. It’s not working properly. It’s the only reason why I would switch back to Safari.

Sync of passwords between iOS and macOS has never worked with me on sync V2. Not sure where & how to debug this, but honestly what I do now is a manual, slightly annoying three step process:

  • Export passwords from Brave
  • Import to Chrome
  • Import to Safari from Chrome

This means I temporarily have a locally stored, unsafe copy of all passwords, but on iOS only Safari & Chrome works to sync without issues, and by having the passwords on iCloud I can use from all three mobile browsers.