Syncing not working on MacOS

I have read about ten of these posts, and there hasn’t been an answer yet. So, here’s one more to be ignored I suppose.
I have been trying to sync a MacOS laptop with an iphone X. There is no option for “scan QR code” on the iphone browser settings. So, I went to the “I already have a code” and when entered (accurately I must add) it says that the code is invalid. This becomes aggravating because there is NO mention of any type of trouble shooting what-so-ever.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I have this exact same problem. This ‘scan QR’ window (below) does NOT open on my iphone, so I can’t scan the QR code.

Same issue here across two Mac computers and an Android device. Have checked multiple posts on the same issue. No help. Synch is fully busted.

Where you at, Brave team???

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