Sync needs work

Sync needs some serious work.

  • Sync should sync between our Brave Accounts or something easier to use.
  • Sync didn’t sync my bookmarks or history to my iOS device from my windows desktop.
  • Sync should be able to have the option to sync passwords. This missing feature alone is almost making me go back to the original Chrome browser.

I actively work on my desktop, but I also work on my phone at times. Having password sync is critical to my day-to-day browsing habits and activity.

Please add this! I really like this browser so far and I’d hate to switch again.

Hi @sitetrec,

Thanks for posting, and thanks for your feedback! We are actively working to improve our Sync functionality.

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Hi @sitetrec sorry for the inconvenience here and we are actively working to make sync better. We are actively working on adding passwords, and history to the sync chain.

For your problems syncing bookmarks between iOS and desktop, would you mind snapping a picture of you brave://sync screen and roughly how your bookmarks are organized? We have made some recent changes there that might be the problem? Thanks for bearing with us.

Here’s my brave://sync

I have about 30 bookmarks in a folder and about 3-5 others not in a folder.

Of course, this isn’t really a solution, but as far as bookmarks are concerned, you can export them to a html-file, as you probably know.

Not to hijack this thread, but I am curious: how does sync actually work in broad terms yet at technical level?

HI @sitetrec I believe this is related to this issue

which we are actively working to fix. From your sync screen, I think that your devices have confused device ids, hence both saying (This Device).

Might be a good idea to backup your bookmarks ( and recreate your sync chain if you feel comfortable doing that.

HI @Go-go_duck, to help answer your question, the browser encrypts the bookmarks that you add and sends them up to S3 to store. Because they are encrypted such that only your browser with the correct key can understand, nobody else can see them but you and the device you sync.

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@Go-go_duck you can find more here:

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@jsecretan So if I understand correctly, the synchronization between each device and the S3 is continuous: if I were working with two computers next to each other, and I saved a bookmark in the one, it would automatically get synced to the S3 and then to my other computer, as long as it was in the same sync chain – correct?

Is it possible to make synchronization manual, i.e. I have to push and pull book marks to and from the S3, instead of this being continuous and automatic?