Browser does not sync

My desktop Brave browser and my iOS Brave browser are synced. They both show the other device listed under the sync settings.

I have selected to “sync everything” on the desktop and Bookmarks and History on iOS.

History and bookmarks are not synced and will not sync.

Desktop Version: Version 1.35.101 Chromium: 98.0.4758.87 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Mobile Version: Version 1.34.1 ( iOS version


There has been so much struggle with the ailing Brave Browser Sync function . . . the first thing for you to try, is allowing, in both devices, ONLY the Sync of Bookmarks, for test purposes.

In addition, make manual backups of the Bookmarks aboard the iOS device; and, make manual backups of the Bookmarks aboard your desktop computer. BEFORE, you test.

When therefore prepared . . . then and only then, remove all the bookmarks from the Brave Browser for iOS, Mobile Bookmarks. Yes, remove all the bookmarks therein.

Because, a prevailing problem, has been, that the Sync

  1. from the desktop Brave Browser Bookmarks

  2. to the iOS device Brave Browser Bookmarks

will succeed . . . but not the other way (from iOS device to desktop computer).

Let us assume, here, that the Sync test, so far, succeeded, and your desktop computer Brave Browser Bookmarks are now populated in the iOS Brave Browser Bookmarks.

Now, create just a single, new bookmark in Brave Browser of your iOS device. Did that new bookmark appear in the Brave Browser Bookmarks of your desktop computer?

If “YES!” . . . then you have Sync working in both directions.

What happens after that, depends upon what you dare, in the form of adding more burden upon the Brave Browser Sync . . . system.

How to manually backup bookmarks in Brave Browser for iOS, in detail, including several illustrations, step-by-step:

May help:

Update - unfortunately:

But “UltraViolet” is optimistic:

Have you tried updating to the latest version (1.35.1) to see if that helps?

I am already on the newest version.

you posted you are on version 1.34.1
latest version is 1.35.1

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