Sync not syncing content

I have sync activated on my Windows partition and went and booted into Linux then activated sync there and it synced all my bookmarks. But when I add new bookmarks it doesn’t sync those (I added them on my iPhone 5s). Also sync does not sync passwords, settings, extensions, and history, I’m not sure if sync is only supposed to do bookmarks or it’s going to add the rest in the future. As this is in beta I’m dissapointed that it lacks all the other settings it’s supposed to sync and it has bookmarks so far and it can’t even do that - This is more alpha I see here.


@Defalt Thanks for reaching out. As of now bookmarks sync feature is implemented and is available in Released version as well as in other channels. Password, settings etc sync will be available in future.

Are you seeing any console error when Linux bookmarks doesn’t sync into iOS?
If you are able to reproduce the issue consistently can you please provide the steps please? I can try out from my end.


First of all I’m so sorry I didn’t respond I have been quite busy and rarely logging in.

I cannot report anything else I only connect the devices and it doesn’t sync, I do not get any errors of any kind. I try to disconnect all the devices from the sync chain and that doesn’t work either I get all the way to the last step and it loads forever and does not do anything. That’s for disconnecting all the devices- it’s all the same.

Something that has helped me in making sure that bookmarks consistently sync is by turning the “Let Brave run in the background” off.

When Brave closes, and stops running in the background, is when it updates the sync code on Brave servers? This is just speculation, but like I said, this is what has helped me.