Sync not working correctly

SYNC is not working. I have my PC synced with my iPhone and I can’t see the saved passwords in my mobile device neither the history of my telephone in my PC. syncing is not working, please Fix this. It is EXTREMLEY important to be able to check a password or username while out of range from the PC. I do not want to go back to Firefox please fix this.

Have you looked at the Help Center articles?

Below is a topic that discusses various issues with Sync. It is a little old, so some of the issues may be outdated but it may help give you some ideas to troubleshoot your issue.

Also, a new Brave version was released yesterday. You may want to update to the new version if you haven’t already.


I want to quote my problem “iOS
Note: At this time, iOS Sync only Syncs bookmark data. We are working to include all data types in Sync as soon as possible.” from

How come “the solution” for Firefox or GoogleChrome doesn’t meet this basic standards? I am so happy with the browser but this issue is just unacceptable.

What are the devs focus so that this is nothing to worry for them? Is it very hard to do it? Even though, that shouldn’t be an incapable matter, since I know you have devs and engineers from the best engines and softwares.

C’mon @Chocoholic what’s up with this man?

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Shame on me XD

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