Brave iOS Not Syncing

I have multiple iOS devices (two iPads and an iPhone). None of them were syncing my changes with bookmarks, so I removed all of them to the sync chain and attempted to re-add them to the sync chain. When I attempt to re-add them to the sync chain using the QR code, the process fails to complete without an error message. When I attempt to re-add them to the sync chain using the passphrase, I receive an error message stating the sync server is unavailable.

I am able to successfully sync bookmarks and settings across all desktop versions of Brave (Mac, Windows, and even Linux).

Is there an issue going on with iOS syncing? I can provide my iOS and Brave app version numbers if need be.


Any update on this? I’d like to know when I’ll be able to sync again. Thanks!

I’ve given up on Brave!
It stopped syncing a while ago.
I tried to re-sync, removed my iPhone and iPad.
Scanned the new QR code, but both devices hang after it has scanned - end of story!
Very frustrated, as I really liked this browser!

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That’s what mine is doing. I really need this working since I’m heavily invested in Brave cross-platform.

Brave iOS does not sync with Brave on my Mac. Reset ,again with sync chain code. Worked for less than one day. Added new bookmark on my Mac and one day later, it still does not appear on my iPhone.

Mine was doing that as well until it totally broke (now mine is dune what bung55’s is doing). I really need this fixed since I use Brave across all of my devices and pretty much dumped all other browers for it. If there are any other cross-platform Chromium-based browsers with the same emphasis of privacy as Brave, I’d consider it.

I have the EXACT same issues. Brave syncing is NOT working on IOS devices. PERIOD

Yep, I hope this is resolved soon. I REALLY need a way to access my Brave bookmarks on my iOS devices. Anyone know of another way I could access them?

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