Description of the sync

I really like to sync my bookmarks, but the description is really confusing… This should be improved (at least in German).

Why is this a “chain”? I just want to use Brave on all my devices and want to sync my bookmarks, history etc. Does the sync work in both directions or is there some kind of “order” between the devices (es the term “chain” suggests)?

Why do I “have to” install Brave “first” on all devices and THEN start the “chain”
I have half a dozen devices and since I am a nerd, I’m getting new ones all the time. Will that work as well?

Why do I have to choose if I want to sync with a “phone/tablet” or with a “computer” when I start a “chain”? What is the difference? Of course I want to sync with BOTH kinds of devices?

How does the sync work, if there is no kind of account? Is it peer to peer, so that both devices have to be online?

Shouldn’t there be any kind of password (Windows/Mac Login) before the Sync Code is beeing displayed?

Is it possible to rename the devices? I have a lot of devices but I don’t have the internal Device names like SM-G998B (Galaxy S21) in mind?

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It is a chain cause it does syncs all devices linked to it. It shares all the data you chose to sync.

Most likely for utmost privacy. There is no use for you to just have it backed up for no reason is it? Therefore it works oy when you actually have a device to sync. Otherwise if you could start before having a device, it would share all the chosen data priorly itself therefore sharing data for essentially no use (kinda against Brave’s ideals)

If it’s for a phone, it shows a QR which can be scanned by the other device. Whereas if it’s a computer you can’t have the computer scan the mobile device qr code, therefore it shows the sync phrase of 25 words, which need to be types in on the computer to start sync.

It works like umm say you start syncing → Data is stored on Brave server → you add a new device → Access to your data is granted only when it matches the 25 letter sync phrase or the qr code otherwise access is denied.

There’s no account like thing as in Google.

Once you are in a sync chain, any data transmitted to brave server already will remain there and can be accessed by other devices on the chain even if the device in question is offline.

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