Sync Bookmarks are a mess

I would like to suggest that the Brave developers connect and attempt to sync:

  • a Windows 10 desktop PC
  • an Android mobile phone or tablet
  • an iPhone or iPad
    …and then try - in various order and successions, including using the Bookmarks Toolbar on PC - to rearrange and reorder bookmarks synced across all these devices.

The result is an utterly incomprehensible and unstructured maze of duplicated “Archive bookmarks” and “Other bookmarks” and a full mess that makes the whole Sync function unmanageable and unattractive to users. I realize this is a work in progress, and I tread lightly as this is largely an unpaid enterprise for which user criticism is easy but developer effort is large, but the reliable syncing of bookmarks for a variety of agnostic devices is one of the BIGGEST bugbears ever for ordinary users. Once you solve this, and add the syncing of search history URLS etc - while maintaining user anonymity - you will have the market completely cornered (if marketed well). If I were CEO of Brave right now this would be in my top 3 priorities for development.


I disabled sync - I tried using it but gave up for the reasons you articulated. It’s easier for me to simply import an HTML bookmarks file than rely on the sync feature. If it does get fixed I’ll re-enable it.


I do also experience this issue.

Using two PCs with Win 10 and one Android device.

Every time I open my book marks it is in a different order or outside the folder structure I initially set up.


I’m also having this same issue now. It would be really nice to have this fixed up. My book makrs keep rearranging and even doubling across both my machines. Everything else in Brave works perfect, just the bookmarks sync is a mess


I now am forced to use Chrome as my bookmark manager… lol. I sure hope this is fixed soon. Real soon. It’s made work a pain since I have bookmarks I sync across my work computers and home computers, with folders specific to work. When those get rearranged or worse, copied incorrectly, it causes pain for my workday.


Just figured I’d add in here that this is a problem for me. I have a lot of bookmarks and syncing seems to freeze up the browsers entirely…occasionally I can do something…but its been a few hours.

I had used sync before and had the issues everyone else is sharing…it’d been a few months so I figured I’d give it another try…oops!

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